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Judicial tyranny and extortion in Broward County Florida

Below a summary of my fight against two bogus criminal charges (short as I can make it)

2010:  arrested for ‘obstruction’ while demanding that the agents of the CITY of FORT LAUDERDALE produce a court order before they trespassed on the elderly Dunsfords’ private land and home.  The CITY never produced a court order and arrested me because I was the loudest there, I guess.

I never entered a plea because neither the STATE prosecutors nor the judge at the arraignment would certify that I was in an article III court of law.

A year or so later 4 armed terrorists trespassed on my private land and home, broke two gates, ignored NO TRESPASSING signs, ripped the rear door open, hit me in the jugular, destroyed my video camera, beat me up, pointed a gun at my wife, kidnapped me and then incarcerated me (no charges) until I posted BAIL.

In late 2013 (after never answering more than 40 documents that I submitted) judge number 3 forced me to trial in front of a jury of the STATE’s peers (not my peers at all), who found me guilty for refusing to open my door to the four unidentifed me, with guns, who did not have a warrant.  Judge incarcerated me immediately with no bail.  Brought  me back on Friday the 13th, and sentenced me to the max for a misdemeanor … one year in jail.

Three days later he drags me into his courtroom again for a trial regarding the FIRST arrest.  He promises to sentence me to another year in jail if found guilty, so I sign the plea bargain papers (under duress) the jail time is converted to probation and I start making the friggin ‘tribute’ payments.  I filed and appeal below, which so far, has been ignored.  Next is a knock on the door of the 4th DCA.  The question is .. will anyone hear the knock ?  Will anyone read the appeal?  Are there any judges sitting at the 4th DCA who have a soul and conscience ?

2014-05-12 Amended Brief for Appeal

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